Hi, Let me introduce myself,

My name is Sean Farrow, I'm a landscape photographer based in the South-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
This puts picturesque areas like the Mornington Peninsula, the Dandenong and Yarra Ranges at my doorstep. In recent years I've explored and photographed these places extensively.

I fell in love with photography studying visual media, photography and film during my teen years, shooting on Ilford black & white film, with simple 35mm cameras and prime lenses. I also have a great love and appreciation of nature, the great outdoors and the spectacular landscapes of our world. I adore the solitude and silence of sitting at a location, waiting for the light to be just right and connecting with my surroundings.

After high school, I moved into a career as a professional musician and sound engineer, finally settling as the bassist/vocalist and songwriter/arranger for reknowned Melbourne rock band "The Hurts". I also worked as the primary sound technician for the popular band "Pillar.one", with whom we performed live with often. During this time I began moving into a career in information technology, and in 2003 I completed my associate certifications. I soon moved into a challenging role as a network administrator working for the Victorian Education Department.

With an artistic streak battling to get out, and working with data networks and computers not filling that void, I made the choice to buy an entry level digital SLR system and pursue the passion that had started as a teenager... Photography! This quickly developed into an obsession to perfect my new-found artistic direction. Spurred on by the stunning work of landscape shooters such as Darren Moore, Tom Putt, David Evans, Peter Lik, Ansel Adams, Chris Munn and Galen Rowell, travelling all over the states of Victoria and Tasmania soon followed. I soon launched my first web galleries, and promptly began making sales of prints and my ever-popular calendars, which sell very well every year.

The photograph is the end product of that love and appreciation, with hours, days, weeks and sometimes months spent researching locations, planning access and finally arriving on site at the best time of day. It doesn't end there... countless hours are then spent selecting just the right photograph, where all the elements fell into place, then using proven photographic methods and subtle digital darkroom techniques to bring my original vision to life in print.

In 2012 I had the wonderful opportunity to tour over 15,000 miles (and take almost 15,000 photographs) around the United States of America and Canada, taking in amazing scenery and spending time with amazing people. On this trip I witnessed first-hand breathtaking vistas ranging from the deserts of the southwest to the snow caps of Canada and everything in between. I also had the opportunity to see world-famous photographers Peter Lik and Ansel Adams' work, first hand in their galleries.

In December of 2013, I travelled north to the Arctic Circle in Finland to try and capture the elusive "Aurora Borealis" and then on to London, England, and Paris, France... My first trip to Europe. The following April I was lucky enough to photograph the stunning Karijini National Park in Western Australia's remote Pilbara region with award-winning photographers Tom Putt and Paul Hoelen, and in January 2016 I returned to the Arctic north of Finland and Sweden, sucessfully photographing the magic of the Northern Lights with the expert assistance of award-winning photographers David Evans and Peter Rosen.

Early in 2014, after huge amounts of development and portfolio changes, we launched an all-new website... showcasing only the cream of the crop of the tens of thousands of photographs I have captured over the past several years.

Thanks for reading, and let me share with you the stunning light of the landscape, as seen through my eyes and captured through my lens.