Artists Statement

My mission as a landscape photographer is to create the finest possible reproduction of a moment in time that may never happen again. To this end I aspire to capture an image which is artistically beautiful while maintaining the highest level of technical execution.

I attempt to access and photograph locations while light is at its optimum and other variables of the landscape, such as tide, wind and suns angle are optimum for a specific image I’ve envisioned. Of course, pre-visualizing a scene is an important part of my artistic process. I see a scene in my mind’s eye, then research a location, calculating the best time to access and photograph said location to greatly improve my chances of bringing home a stunning photograph. That being said, photographing the landscape is a tricky business, and one can’t control any of the elements in play… to this end I’m always keeping an eye on my surroundings, waiting to see if some hidden feature is ready to reveal itself.

I also firmly believe that the use of software in the process of digital still photography is not the crutch many make it out to be. I employ the use of software to gently bring the image my camera captured to life, and ultimately represent the image I pictured in my mind to fruition. The use of contrast, saturation and exposure compensation is not uncommon in my artistic works.

Music has played a large part in my creative life. Having spent many years as a professional musician, songwriter and audio engineer, I have a profound understanding of the subtleties of a story played back to us as a piece of music. I employ the same fundamental methods in composing much of my photographic art. Many of my images clearly show a defined structure. To further emphasize this relationship, I often employ a photographic method known as “vignetting”, or a darkening of the edge of the frame, to subtly fade the eye into and out of a photograph at specific points. I also employ the use of leading lines and curves to further emphasize this relationship and visual journey.

I understand that many people are unable to visit the locations I capture in my photographic work due to a variety of reasons: age, injury, finance etc… One of my main goals is to bring beautiful, stunningly artistic and technically excellent landscape images into everyone’s homes, to allow those who can’t gain access to these places, for whatever reason, to enjoy them as if they’re standing right there.

Using the methods and goals described above, I strive to bring a believable, hyper-realistic vision to life as a piece of photographic art, one that takes the viewer on a voyage to a place they may have visited or may never get to see, a place of astounding beauty.


Sean Farrow
Langwarrin, Victoria