Stretched Canvas prints.

Stretched canvas has become an increasingly popular medium in recent years. It's ready to hang, and looks very modern in the right environment. Sean uses a lab in Queensland that specializes in canvas printing. They use specialist Epson wide-format gliclee printers and inks to print onto Premium USA 410gsm Fine Art Canvas with an archival age expectancy of 100+ years. This canvas looks absolutely stunning, has spectacular colour reproduction and renders fine detail beautifully.

Forget the cheap canvas prints at the bargain shop down the street... these canvases really pop and are works of art in their own right. Sean has several of these hanging in his own home and are incredibly popular. Our canvas prints are "mirror wrapped". What this means is that unlike your local mini-lab canvas specials, which have part of the image wrapped around the support frame and hurting the photograph's composition, our image goes all the way to the edge, then a mirror of the image is wrapped around the support frame. The visual impact is amazing! Sean embeds a white panel into the mirror wrap, behind the frame, as to sign and number your new canvas print.

A Note of Monitor/Screen Calibra
Most computer screens are calibrated for an office environment. What this means is that any image you view here may appear brighter, with warmer red saturation and less shadow detail than if viewed as a high-quality print or on a properly calibrated screen. This also applies to smartphones and tablet computers. Any image viewed here should be considered a loose representation of what the final print will look like.

All of Sean's prints are "proofed" and corrected on a colour-calibrated monitor before the final print is made, to ensure the highest quality product.