Expert Framing Services.

Your new limited edition photographic print will look its best when beautifully matted and framed. All of our framing work is carried out by highly trained professionals, well experienced in handling and framing Fujiflex Crystal Archive photographic papers. Wherever possible we source and use frames and mouldings made from locally grown and renewable Australian timber.

We're also aware that many people like to frame, mat and display their art to match their furnishings and decor. To this end, we're available to work with you to create a customized framing option for your new photographic print.
We also now proudly offer all photographic prints mounted on quality "Dibond" aluminium substrate upon request. This provides a completely smooth mounting surface for prints on Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper and is the ultimate in presentation in either framing or a frameless "face-mounted" situation. Due to the constantly changing pricing on aluminium mounting, please contact us for an enquiry or quote. We also offer museum-grade anti-reflection glass upon request.

Feel free to contact us about a quote for any custom framing options you may be interested in. 

We want to work with you to create a timeless, high quality and lasting piece that you'll enjoy for years to come!

(Please note that canvas prints are standalone art pieces, therefore framing isn't an option for any canvas print.)

We currently offer the following standard styles in each size:

Black Frame with White Mat           Black Frame with Black Mat


Click here to view our standard framing options for each print size we offer.


A Note of Monitor/Screen Calibration.

Most computer screens are calibrated for an office environment. What this means is that any image you view here may appear brighter, with warmer red saturation and less shadow detail than if viewed as a high-quality print or on a properly calibrated screen. This also applies to smartphones and tablet computers. Any image viewed here should be considered a loose representation of what the final print will look like.

All of Sean's prints are "proofed" and corrected on a colour-calibrated monitor before the final print is made, to ensure the highest quality product.