The Print...

A limited edition print is a high-quality photographic print, produced in pre-determined numbers which are numbered and hand-signed by Sean. Once the last edition of a print is sold from this website or by private order, there will be no more issues printed of that particular photograph. This ensures the value and collectability of Sean's fine-art photographic prints.

Each photographic print (excluding canvas prints) is printed with a black border on Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper. This is simply a 1" inch border around the print. This improves the overall impression of the print once framed, makes framing much easier and gives Sean a great space to sign and number your new piece of art.
For example, a 36" inch print will be a 34" inch image with a 1" border on each edge measuring 36 inches on it's long edge. A white border can be printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archive if requested.

As each particular limited edition sells, the sale price on that edition will increase... so get in early to save and start your collection!

Sean will only be releasing a maximum of 20% of a given edition on stretched canvas, while 100% of the edition is available as true photographic prints. What this means is if an edition sells out as photographic prints, no canvas editions will be available.

These photographs may also appear in other publications, including books, calendars, cards and magazines.



A Note of Monitor/Screen Calibration.

Most computer screens are calibrated for an office environment. What this means is that any image you view here may appear brighter, with warmer red saturation and less shadow detail than if viewed as a high-quality print or on a properly calibrated screen. This also applies to smartphones and tablet computers. Any image viewed here should be considered a loose representation of what the final print will look like.

All of Sean's prints are "proofed" and corrected on a colour-calibrated monitor before the final print is made, to ensure the highest quality product.