Photographic Paper prints.

Sean uses the highly acclaimed "Fujiflex Crystal Archive" photographic media exclusively for his limited edition colour photographic prints.

Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material is a polyester-base silver halide material, optimised for professional colour printing of display and commercial prints. In addition to high quality colour contact printers and colour enlargers with film, this printing material is also designed for producing exceptional quality digital prints with laser scanning or other digital exposure systems. Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material produces exceptional quality prints, characterized by wide tonal range, whiter whites and improved D-max, while maintaining distinctive eye-catching colour, durability, and excellent surface smoothness and flatness.

Special care is required when framing Fujiflex Crystal Archive in order to keep it completely flat and undamaged. We suggest using an aluminium mounting product called "Dibond" which keeps the print completely flat. Mounting can also be achieved on regular "kapamount", acrylic sheet or thin MDF with some ripple if cost is a consideration

Each photographic print (excluding canvas prints) is printed with a border on Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper. This is simply a 1" inch or less  border around the print. This improves the overall impression of the print once framed, makes framing much easier and gives Sean a great space to sign and number your new piece of art.
For example, a 36" inch print will be a roughly 35" inch image with a 1/2" border on each edge measuring 36 inches on it's long edge. This also means you can frame all the way up to the image edge without losing any of the impact or composition in your new print!

A Note of Monitor/Screen Calibration.

Most computer screens are calibrated for an office environment. What this means is that any image you view here may appear brighter, with warmer red saturation and less shadow detail than if viewed as a high-quality print or on a properly calibrated screen. This also applies to smartphones and tablet computers. Any image viewed here should be considered a loose representation of what the final print will look like.

All of Sean's prints are "proofed" and corrected on a colour-calibrated monitor before the final print is made, to ensure the highest quality product.